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We Care

We care for our country, for the property of our Guests, for our company, and for our environment, with which we have been entrusted by future generations. But above all, we care for people! 

To care for people means that we are emotionally connected, that we feel concern and that we are sincerely interested in people's well being and success. 

We care for our Guests, for one another and for the communities in which we live. We care about being hospitable, about the safety and well being of our Guests whom we warmly welcome into our ‘homes from home'. 

We care for our employees, whose work we value, respect and recognise for its worth and contribution. 

We care for our families and especially for our children who will represent us in the way they live out their future. 

We care for our shareholders, for the hard earned money that they invest in our company and for the trust that they have placed in us to grow their money wisely. 

We care for and respect our suppliers whom we trust to provide us with goods and services of the highest quality. 

Caring comes from the heart - that's why we are passionate about what we do. That's why we are also passionate about serving.