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Hotels in Bloemfontein

Hotels in Bloemfontein

If a city could have brains and beauty, Bloemfontein would be a perfect example. Located in the heart of South Africa, Bloemfontein is ready to welcome both travellers looking to take in the beautifully relaxing surrounds, as well as business travellers attracted to its more serious side. Hotels in Bloemfontein are also designed to cater for diverse needs and demographics.

The judicial capital of South Africa, Bloemfontein is also considered the homeland of Afrikaans culture and history. A relaxing stroll through the town will lead you past many an historic monument, including the National Women's Memorial (Vrouemonument) honouring the women and children who died in the Second Boer War.

Despite the rich history apparent all around, Bloemfontein is still a vibrant and lively city, with an active rugby culture weaving its way into many aspects of the locals' day-to-day lives. The Free State Stadium is also host to Super 15 Rugby events throughout the year, meaning that if you plan your trip right, then you're in for a treat.

City Lodge hotels in Bloemfontein are world class and affordable. We have two hotel offerings ready to welcome visitors to Bloemfontein – our City Lodge Hotel Bloemfontein and Road Lodge Bloemfontein. Whether you're in town on business or to flop in the middle of all that blooming beauty, we have just the room you need within your budget.