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Hotels in Kimberley

Hotels in Kimberley

Most famous for its Big Hole, and the fact that mining great De Beers' diamond mining roots can be traced back to this humble town, Kimberley has a huge historical significance to South Africa as a whole as well, due to its famous siege in the Second Boer War. Hotels in Kimberley also speak to the rich heritage of this town.

What's more, due to the town's mineral resources, Kimberley started out life as the industrialisation hub of South Africa, drawing migrant workers from all corners of the country to promised mining work. It could be said that this busy nucleus caused Kimberley to blossom economically, and the first stock exchange of South Africa was opened in the mining town in 1881, the Kimberley Royal Stock Exchange.

Coming back to present day, Kimberley is a treasure trove of fascinating sights and experiences. The obvious first stop for many visitors has to be the Big Hole itself, previously named the Kimberley Mine Museum, with a viewing platform of the hole itself, as well as a rich collection of artefacts and information on the early days of the town and mining in South Africa.

Kimberley is an amazing experience for those looking for a culture trip to either supplement a business trip, or be the holiday itself. With a museum on almost every subject, from the Pioneers of Aviation Museum, to The Sol Plaatje Museum in the house where Sol Plaatje lived while writing Mhudi, to the Transport Spoornet Museum, to name just a few – Kimberley happily and easily draws every visitor into its rich history, leaving you feeling full.

Whether planning a trip to Kimberley for business, leisure or a little bit of both, we've ensured that your wallet doesn't try to do an impression of the Big Hole itself from accommodation costs. Hotels in Kimberley are unbelievably affordable. Staying at our Road Lodge Kimberley will allow you to fully explore this historically rich town as long as you need.

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