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Hotels in Potchefstroom

Hotels in Potchefstroom

Being home to five tertiary institutions and over 30 schools, Potchefstroom is considered the education capital of the North West Province of South Africa. Interestingly, this impressive achievement is not the city’s only claim to fame, also being revered as North West Province’s “Home of Sport”, with the provisional headquarters of seventeen of South Africa’s most important sports being situated in the city. Hotels in Potchefstroom are built with the architecture befitting this town.

This is not surprising due to the fact that Potchefstroom has the perfect training altitude at 1400m above sea level, and clean air due to very little industry in the city. It’s no wonder many international athletes call our beloved “Potch” their home away from home.

Potchefstroom also has a strong cultural side, allowing visitors to enjoy important National Heritage Sites Old Fort and Cemetery, and the South African National Artillery Memorial. The former being the fort English soldiers built during the Anglo-Boer War in 1880, while the latter is the official South African National Memorial Site for all Artillery Soldiers who died while fighting in World War 2.

Want to take a minute out of your busy day to spend in the open, fresh air? Take a relaxing, head clearing walk through Potchefstroom’s North-West University Botanical Garden. This almost 3-hectares large land is adjacent to the Potchefstroom Campus of North West University and is home to many beautiful indigenous plats, as well as a few select exotic plants of medicinal or botanical interest to the education institute.

Whatever your reason for visiting Potchefstroom, from business to leisure, sports or education, that visit shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why we’ve situated our practical and budget friendly Road Lodge Potchefstroom right in the thick of the city – close to everywhere you need to be, no matter the reason for your stay. Hotels in Potchefstroom are therefore affordable, safe and convenient. Allow Potchefstroom to educate you in a number of ways without worrying about the budget.