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Hotels in Richards Bay

Hotels in Richards Bay

Having started out life as a makeshift harbour by the Commodore of the Cape, Sir Frederick Richards, during the Anglo-Boer war, Richards Bay quickly turned from a small settlement into a bustling harbour town. The developments that have taken place in this part of the country are better expressed in Hotels in Richards Bay.

Its proximity to Gauteng makes it an easy and picturesque holiday escape for those seeking unspoilt beaches and sunshine. While on the flipside, the burgeoning industrial sector has created the unique pull of “industrial tourism” for the town, with visitors being able to take informative and entertaining tours of industrial plants, mines other industry highlights they may find interesting.

The industrial flourishing of the town has also meant that visitors on business or holiday are afforded a more modern trip, from the fully equipped city centre and well-maintained recreational activities around the town.

Richards Bay is not only a source of information for visitors, but also a great place to recharge by taking up adventurous activities such as surfing, fishing and hiking. The harbour town is also on the edge of the breath-takingly beautiful Zululand, allowing visitors to the town access to this paradise.

As if there isn’t enough nature all around you in this beautiful town, you can also visit the Richards Bay Game Reserve during your stay – a safe haven for aquatic birds and animals like hippos and crocodiles subjected to unregulated slaughtering in years gone past.

We fully understand that a visit to the beautiful and busy harbour town of Richards Bay will not elicit a lot of time spent in your hotel room. That’s why we offer the practical, budget friendly and comfortable accommodation option of our Road Lodge Richards Bay to visitors. Enjoy all that Richards Bay has to offer during the day, and then recharge your batteries properly overnight at our hotel so that you are ready to get exploring again the next day. Hotels in Richards Bay make visiting this town worthwhile.